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TOPsoccer (TOPS)

TOPSoccer Kicks off on Saturday, October 6th (8:00AM) at Vineyards Community Park (Soccer Fields)


How do I Register?

There are thousands of young players with disabilities throughout the country who are looking to be part of the world’s greatest game. To learn more about participation or register click on one of the links below:

* TOPSoccer General Information Flyer (*pdf)


How do I Sign Up to be a Buddy (Volunteer)?

If you are a youth soccer player, love soccer, want to give something back to the game, or an interested adult and want to help someone with special needs, TOPSoccer has a place for you. Buddies provide support, guidance, and a play partner to the TOPSoccer player. Buddies do not have to be a travel or school player – all a prospective buddy needs is compassion for others and love of the game. If you are interested in being a buddy, please download the Volunteer (buddy) registration form below and e-mail the form to Randy Bills at or call PHONE 888-278-3707 ext 106. Here is some more information on the program.

* TOPSoccer Volunteer (Buddy) Registration (*pdf)

* TOPSoccer Buddies Needed - Information (*pdf)


What is TOPSoccer?

TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based soccer program that is designed to meet the needs of children with physical and/or mental disabilities. Player participation and development are key elements of the program as players are placed on teams according to ability and NOT by age. TOPSoccer is designed to improve the overall fitness, self-esteem and social skills of your child.


Why TOPSoccer?

TOPSoccer furthers US Youth Soccer’s mission of fostering the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of America’s youth through the sport of soccer at all levels. In short, TOPSoccer takes kids from the sidelines to participating in the game. Just talk with the parents or participants of TOPSoccer and you’ll understand why TOPSoccer?


What are the benefits of TOPSoccer for my child?

• Your child will develop a sense of belonging to a community.
• Learn the value of being part of a team.
• Improved self-esteem, fitness and social skills.


What is the role of the TOPSoccer parent?

As a TOPSoccer parent you need to:

• Provide transportation to and from all practices and games, ensuring that the player is prompt.
• Attend all practices and games.
• Lend support in a positive manner.
• Provide any pertinent information about you


What should families expect from the program?

• A fun and meaningful experience for you and your family.
• Games and activities adapted to ensure your child’s participation.
• Safe and healthy environment.
• Parents will have the opportunity to network with other families for support and information-sharing


TOPSoccer History

The History of TOPSoccer US Youth Soccer, the nation’s largest youth sports organization, started TOPSoccer in 1991 to provide young players with disabilities an environment filled with meaningful learning, developmental and physical participation opportunities through the game of soccer. The volunteer TOPSoccer Committee, representing the 55 State Soccer Associations across the country, works to help players develop, compete, and achieve success according to their individual abilities. Through the efforts of people like you, a whole new world awaits these children. Reach out to bring them into our soccer family.




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