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club guidelines


The legacy of The Chicago Fire Soccer Club is something we should work hard to uphold and build upon. The ‘Leading the evolution of youth soccer’ phrase that defines The Chicago Fire Juniors truly represents how the club is managed and operates, and represents the expectations of conduct the club has for the Coaches, Managers, Players, and Teams. The mission of The Chicago Fire Juniors includes the idea of the education of life through soccer; the club guidelines are set forth to reinforce this mission. The following club guidelines detail the strict policy The Chicago Fire Juniors has with respect to club conduct at practices, games, and tournaments.



Players must arrive at the field at least fifteen minutes prior to practice time. The coach should be notified in advance of practice time if a player is expecting to arrive late, or if a player has to leave practice early. If a player is unable to attend a practice the Coach should be notified in advance of the scheduled practice time.


Players must practice in the Fire Adidas practice uniform. In cold weather any Chicago Fire winter apparel will be acceptable.

Player’s must come to practices with their soccer ball properly inflated and bring plenty of water. Players must wear the proper equipment (shin-guards) and have any additional equipment (ankle braces, knee braces) with them at each practice.


Players have the opportunity to practice with other teams in the club as long as there is no direct conflicts between the two teams, however, they must get permission from both coaches prior to doing so.

Parents are not permitted on the field to talk to the coach or the players. In case of emergency, parents must summon the coach to the sideline.

If parents and/or players would like to meet with the coach, an appointment must be made for a meeting before or after practice, or for a time outside of scheduled team events when the coach is available.

Games/Local Tournaments


Players must arrive at the game field at least 45 minutes prior to the game’s scheduled start time. If a player will be late for the game or has to leave the game early, the coach must be notified in advance.


Players must arrive dressed properly and in uniform. Players should also have all necessary equipment (extra game uniforms, warm-up, soccer balls, water etc.).

Players must only warm-up with their teammates and coaches unless otherwise directed by the coach.


Every coach, player and parent must behave according to the Florida Youth Soccer code of conduct, league and tournament rules. The referees and linesmen should always be dealt with in a sportsmanlike and courteous manner. During the games, parents, players, and coaches should refrain from making any comments or speaking negatively to the game officials.

Players should treat their teammates and opponents with respect and should conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike and courteous manner.

Any involvement of parents with players during the game has to be designated and approved by the coach (water breaks, injuries etc.). Players should only be instructed by the coach during the game. The parents’ role should be limited to encouragement only – no instruction or coaching is permitted.

Parents are not permitted to approach the coach after the game for discussions about playing time, playing position, complaints etc. Meetings should be scheduled for another time outside of scheduled team events when the coach is available

Out of town Tournaments


A Tournament itinerary should be prepared by the coach and given to all the players by the manager before departure to any out of town tournament.

Players must follow the itinerary precisely. Players are required to meet at designated areas on time, uniformly dressed as specified by the coach or manager to do team related activities.


To promote a cohesive team environment we strongly encourage players to travel together as a team. If five or more players are flying to the tournament together, they must wear the Fire Warm-up or khaki pants/shorts with The Chicago Fire Juniors polo shirt (all players’ that are traveling together should be dressed the same).

For all Fire Teams the rooming arrangements will be determined by the coach.

Teams must travel together from the hotel to the fields and back to the hotel after practices or scheduled games.


Players must be dressed properly and uniformly when departing to the games, and the must have packed all necessary equipment (shin guards, extra game uniforms, warm-up, soccer balls, water etc.).


The coach must know the whereabouts of all players at all times. Players must never leave the hotel without permission of the coach, even if leaving with their parents.

Every person associated with The Chicago Fire Juniors must follow the rules of the hotel in which they are staying. Players are not allowed to run around in the hotel, or play soccer in the hotel hallways. Using the swimming pool, hot tub, exercise equipment, or other hotel facilities must only be done after obtaining permission from the coach.

If the tournament has both male and female teams, interaction during free time will be allowed in public areas, but absolutely no player will enter the rooms of players of the opposite sex.

If a meeting is necessary between the coach and an individual player, it must be done in a common area of the hotel or if a more private area is required, then it needs to be done in the presence of a manager, the parent of the player, or another adult.

The Chicago Fire Juniors is known for its distinguished reputation, tradition of excellence and national accomplishments. The club guidelines outlined above are set forth to preserve the legacy of The Chicago Fire Juniors while providing a professional, safe, and enjoyable club environment. The guidelines reinforce and promote respect, preparation, communication, and responsibility for coaches, parents, players, and teams. Any infringement of this policy will be dealt with in a suitable manner based on the violation.

It is your right as a member of The Chicago Fire Juniors to have the opportunity to discuss any concerns or ideas you may have with the directors of the club.


Click here for - Florida Fire Juniors Player Code of Conduct *PDF


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