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Recreational soccer

The programs provide a great way to supplement the training of a recreational player that strives to further their development with the Florida Fire Juniors Pre-Academy Program. Often recreational programs do not provide professional coaches to teach players the basic of the game or the skills necessary to advance to the next level. Florida Fire Juniors offer recreational players another option to sample training in a professional environment. Activities will concentrate on technique and having fun. Training sessions are 60 min in duration and games are played within trainings.

Soccer Sparks


SCHEDULE: FRIDAY(S) 6pm to 7pm - DATES: March 27th to May 1st

FEE(S): $65.00 (to include 6 sessions)

Only $25.00 for children participating in another local rec program


Ages 4-6 years old


Players age(s) 4 years to 6 years. The Sparks program is a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate training program offered to all players 4 and 6 years old. The program offers recreational players another option to sample training in a professional environment and a true first time fun experience to playing soccer. Activities will concentrate on technique and having fun. Training sessions are 60 minutes to an hour in duration and games are played within the sessions. Players should wear proper soccer equipment (shin guards, soccer socks, and if possible soccer specific shoes) and bring a ball.

The Florida Fire Juniors mission is to create a soccer experience that is unmistakably enjoyable for the both the child and family. Each activity directs players toward learning the fundamental aspects of the game appropriate for his/ her age and ability. Embracing the motto "Winning through Development", the program lays the foundation for young soccer players by tooling them with the basic skills necessary for success in future competition. In addition to targeting basic soccer skills, the program emphasizes coordination, balance and agility. The methods of instruction are designed to "unlock the game within the child" by disguising skills in imaginative activities, that teach through fun. The Chicago Fire Juniors’ curriculum builds from simple to complex over the course of a session and season.

Contact the Florida Fire Juniors - Soccer Sparks Staff




FFJ Big Corkscrew


Florida Fire Juniors (FFJ) is pleased to announce its new recreational soccer program in the Golden Gate Estates area for players aged 4-14 years old (pre-school through 8th grade). Named "Big Corkscrew Youth Soccer," the program is administered and run by the Florida Fire Juniors (FFJ). All practices and games will be held at Sabal Palm Elementary School.

The Big Corkscrew Youth Soccer program will be a one-day-a-week program, with training and games on Saturday morning. Professional trainers from FFJ, following an age-appropriate curriculum, will train each age group for half an hour. Following the training, each coach will take his or her team to a field to apply what they learned in a game.

$75.00 ea Includes: Uniform, Secondary insurance through Florida Youth soccer association (FYSA), Award at the end of the 10 week season.

For more information contact: Randy Bills (239) 601-1818


*Develop the players by teaching fundamental skills and strategies at age
appropriate levels.

*Capitalize on each player's talent and potential by exposing them, on a
consistent basis, to the very best training as they grow and mature.

*Provide players the necessary fundamentals to pursue a soccer career at the
high school and college level.

*Expand the players, coaches and parents knowledge about the game.

*Give players the opportunity to learn how to play soccer while having fun.


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